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1. Davy Lowston was a.....?
whaler sealer chantyman trader

2. "Send the Boats Away " was composed by.....?
Martin Curtis Chris Penman Lynn Clark Julie Collier

3. "We three kings of Orient are,
       One on a tractor, one in a car,
       One on a scooter, blowing his hooter..."
              was made famous by.....?
John Clark David McPhail Dave Jordan
The Big Muffin Serious Band

4. The roria is a traditional Maori.....?
nose flute bull-roarer jew's harp conch shell trumpet

5. Who composed the music for these lyrics?
      "When Cobb and Co ran coaches
      from the Buller to the Grey
          I went for a livery stable lad
      at a halt up Westport way"
Phil Garland Don Toms Peter Cape Pat Rogers

Lovely lady 3k This "lovely lady" is....?

Deb Gillanders
Kath Tait
Robin Brew
Lyndsey Shields

7. "My love's hair was golden, like .....?....... in summer." (Cape)
sawdust sunset snowgrass oatstraw

8. "Gin and Raspberry" has NOT yet been recorded by.....?
Wongawilli (Australia) Bok, Muir & Trickett (USA)
Fear of Drinking (Canada) The Chaps (Otago)

9. Bill Worsfold wrote this song about his immigrant great-grandfather.
       "For the heart knows of only one language
       That the eyes alone speak with ease
       Though she could only speak .....?.......
       And I only spoke Portuguese"
German Gaelic Maori English

10.Click the button to play this old tune.
Th' Work a' th' Weavers
It is, of course, the tune used for....
Gutboard Blues Talking Dog Posthole Song Gumboot Song

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